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Cooking in Cast Iron: Nothing is more NOW

It’s a somewhat antiquated tradition, but one that shouldn’t be let go of for good reason.  Cooking in cast iron survives generations of new cooking gadgets popping up here and there because the food that comes out of these tried and true pots and pans are just that delicious.  They stand the test of time for that reason and should be a part of every chef’s kitchen.     When it comes to cooking in cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens, there is no better time than the last quarter of the year. When the leaves change, then eventually fall and crunch; and when our pumpkin spice lattes morph into holiday eggnogs, the comfort food born in cast iron starts...

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Memories of Meals Made in Cast Iron

“The cast iron skillet had been seasoned before she was born…” -Kelly J. Ford   Cast iron skillets aren’t like other pans.  They aren’t meant to be washed with soap, or replaced when they get old.  They aren’t meant to be pretty or change with the times.  They aren’t trendy.  No, just the opposite.  They are meant to age into matriarchs of families, where they hold all the secrets of every ingredient ever tasted.  They hold onto the smallest morsels, and carry memories with their lingering specks of cornmeal. My grandmother had a lot of mouths to feed when the family came together.  I was blessed by a family flowing with aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Oftentimes, “Mamaw” would make a...

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