Fear Will Not Win!

For years Heather and I have desired to work together professionally. We have talked about it at great length. We have complained about it at great length. We have brainstormed countless business ideas to work together, and we let fear keep us from taking the leap.

Over a year ago, we put pen to paper and wrote out an in-depth business plan for a Modern-Day Mercantile. We never felt secure enough to launch (and never would have), but we surely felt compelled to sit the kids down and discuss not letting fear get in the way of their dreams.

We watched our kids’ interests evolving and desire to succeed elevate. We would both be infuriated when challenges, roadblocks, or just physical demands got in the way of their willingness to keep on. Individually we sat them down to “call-out” their commitment, mental toughness, and desire to keep pushing forward when things get hard. We centered our mantra around the fact that fear will not win.

Personally, as the mantra came out of my mouth to my son, I realized I had let fear win in so many dreams of my walk. For Heather and I, this reflection was what we needed to catapult Provisions Mercantile forward.

We had a great foundation, a great plan, and a clear goal. In November 2019, we launched our store in Asheville, NC, and will open our flagship store in West Asheville as soon as the “Stay Safe, Stay Home” COVID-19 mandate has lifted.

We can’t wait to share our vision of the store with you! Please stop in and say hello. Y’all won’t be disappointed!


Matt and Heather Wright
Owners – Provisions Mercantile


Heather and Matt Wright are both natives of Asheville, NC. The inspiration and drive behind the Provisions Mercantile brand originates from Heather’s grandmother, who started a community store in her West Asheville home. It was a place not only to fill household shelves but a place of community & friendship. Their roots run deep in and around Asheville. For generations, their families have lived and worked in this area. It is this area that is home, and this area that has influenced who they are today.

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