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Elder & Co Guides Candle Collection

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Inspired by our nations greatest lands.

+ weight: 8oz
+ burn time: 55+ hours
+ 100% pure american grown soy wax
+ hand-poured in small batches in the carolinas
+ all natural fragrance oils and lead-free cotton wicks
+ our signature amber jar can be recycled or repurposed
+ a portion of proceeds benefit the appalachian trail conservancy


smells like: wandering through fields of freshly bloomed wildflowers.

fragrance details: floral notes of water lily, gardenia, rose, and hints of bergamot. 

elder symbols
type: clean & airy, floral
property: calming & uplifting
wisdom: faith & hope



smells like: a walk through dense woods.

fragrance details: woody notes of cedar, cypress, lavender, and rosemary.

elder symbols
type: woodsy, earthy
property: grounding, calming
wisdom: strength & fortitude


smells like: sweet, rocky earth underneath the hot sun.

fragrance details: warm notes of tobacco and cedar.

elder symbols
type: woodsy
property: grounding
wisdom: creativity & visioning


smells like: fresh air from high peaks.

fragrance details: crisp, woody notes of cedar and pine with floral highlights of jasmine and lily.

elder symbols
type: clean & airy, herbaceous
property: uplifting
wisdom: centering & perspective


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